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Neon City Survivor » Patch

Hey everyone !

Patch is here : Game balance, quality of life & a new skill !

Content :

Quality of life :

  • You can now set a FPS cap for the game in the general settings panel.
    This should help players with GPU usage issues.
  • Manual and automatic attacks now have different visual effects and damage displays.
  • Damage display has been improved to better show the impact of each instance of damage.

Game balance :

  • Experience requirements have been reduced in early mission stages.
    This should greatly increase the pace of the game and reduce the difficulty of the early Ascension levels.
  • Increased base damage of the flying shuriken skill.

New :

  • The Moonlight aura skill has been added to the base skill pool !

What’s next ?

We are currently working on several things :

  • First, the second area of the game: The Jade District. It is well on its way and should be released by the end of the month if all goes according to plan!
  • Secondly, we are looking at ways to improve the pace of the game in the final stages of missions as these tend to feel “too slow”.
  • Finally, we are also looking at ways to improve the performance of the game as we are aware that some players are experiencing issues with GPU usage.

We will keep you all updated with more small patches like this one, and in the meantime have fun !

– ScarletWhale Devs