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Neon City Survivor » Patch 0.3.6

Hello everyone !

Patch 0.3.6 is here, which means : Gamepad & Achievements !

Changelog :

Quality of Life :
  • Full gamepad support
    The game automatically detects which device was last used, and you can switch between gamepad and keyboard/mouse at any time.
  • New aiming système
    The game’s aiming system has been revamped to better suit gamepad use. In-game, you will now see an aiming widget below your character that shows the direction in which you are aiming. This widget will update on either your mouse cursor or gamepad right stick, depending on which device was last used.
Content :
  • Achievements are now availiable !
Game Balance :
  • Skills
    • Shockwave : Reworked Tier 1 Manual upgrade to better fit the new aiming system.
    • Thunder blast & Shadow bombs : Projectiles now spawns with more precision.

The next patch we will focus on the meta progression system, until then have fun !

See you all soon.