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Alien Slayers » Patch

The changes below may include content you haven’t unlocked yet.

New Difficulty

Added a final difficulty level to the game, Expert, where all boss monsters have a randomly determined “trait” and killing one with this trait will earn you a “shard” that will be used in the upcoming “artifact” system.

Special Bosses

Each mission’s Expert difficulty features a special boss monster. They’re here to stop your rampage that threatens the peace of the universe, but will they be able to stop you?

New contents
  • Slayer – The Slayer has arrived to slay the Archon, the self-proclaimed peacemaker of the universe.
  • Rabbit’s Foot – This luck-boosting item is the perfect size to hold in your hand.
  • Berserker – A powerful weapon that knocks back enemies in range.
  • Added Trait Menu – A menu where you can see what kinds of traits your monsters can have.
  • New Achievement – Added an achievement for completing Expert difficulty.

  • Reduced the chance and amount of health and armor recovery for Chainsaw and Disc Shooter.
  • Slightly reduced Mjolnir damage.
  • Grim Reaper perk’s effect duration reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second.
  • Changed the effect of the scorpion-type monster in Mission 3’s input key reversal attack to a zigzag movement.
  • Halved the number of electric projectiles from the jellyfish-type monster in Mission 3.

  • Added the ability to change direction without moving by pressing the Shift key (L1 or R1 on a controller) and the Move key together.
  • Installing a slow field to slow down enemies when tractor drones pull items.

※ Artifacts will be added soon as a system to enhance your character based on kills.