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Alien Slayers » Patch

The changes below may include content you haven’t unlocked yet.

  • Changed Particle Cannon effects to be more transparent so they don’t interfere with gameplay.
  • Changed the Golden Crowbar to move items toward the player.
  • Changed to allow all characters to use the Flamethrower.

※ Weapons that can be combined will be common weapons and weapons that cannot be combined will be unique weapons in order to maintain game consistency. We’ve also modified the Golden Crowbar to be able to pull items to player to reduce the number of situations where an obstacle prevents you from picking up an item. However, this is only a temporary workaround, and we’ll be working on a new feature to allow you to pick up distant “crystals” in the future.

Bug Fixes
  • Changed
  • Golden Crowbar to move items toward the player
  • Fixed a bug where mines would explode instantly
  • Fixed an issue where some characters’ skills would automatically recharge
  • Fixed an issue where Elieson‘s skill effect values would increase when using certain perk.
  • Fixed audio overlap issue with some monsters and weapons
  • Fixed an issue where some monsters in Mission 3 are not reposition.
  • Fixed an issue where the outline of the quest object in Mission 3 was not displayed.