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Alien Slayers » Patch

The changes below may include content you haven’t unlocked yet.

New Mission

You will be sent to a barren desert planet to investigate the wreckage of a crashed ship. the planet is full of venomous and dangerous alien creatures, but most of all, beware of the true ruler of the desert lurking in the sands.

New Character

Mondo – An alien survivor found on a crashed spaceship, painfully slow but strong.

New Equipment
  • Stun gun – Stun gun can be used to continuously attack enemies that are close to you. Although the damage is low, a critical hit can do a lot of damage.
  • Minigun – The Minigun fires numerous bullets across the screen. It has a high overall damage output, but it is difficult to target a single enemy and reloads slowly.
  • Tesla Reactor – A gadget that increases the duration of projectiles.
  • Added 4 additional combined weapons.

New Achievement

Added a hidden achievement that can be unlocked in Mission 3.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the camera glitching when Sam’s skill is triggered.
  • Fixed some monsters moving strangely due to knockback
  • Fixed an issue that caused the UI to display incorrectly in the results window when the number of drones owned exceeded 3.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to click on an already purchased perk in the perk menu.

  • Fixed the game’s option values to be stored on each PC instead of in the cloud.
  • Added a restart function to the results window.

※ The ability to pre-select previously selected perks will be added at a later date.


To compensate for the short range and limited use of fist weapons, we’ve increased their damage and number of attacks.

The original plan was for this patch to include a new mission, final difficulty, and a character enhancement system called “Artifact,” but the volume of each piece of content was larger than expected, so we decided to split the update.

Finally, any new content that will be added in the future will be added to the empty slots in the image above, and a full release will take place after all of these updates are complete.