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Alien Slayers » Patch

The changes below may include content you haven’t unlocked yet.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the Mission 2 quest object display was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed some monster lists were displayed incorrectly in the mutation menu.
  • Fixed the reroll button could not be pressed with the mouse when lieveling up.
  • Fixed UI overlap when pressing the ESC menu when leveling up.
  • Fixed a bug where mutations that deal explosive damage were not dealing the correct amount of damage.
  • Fixed AFK steam achievement could not be completed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Light Blade to deal damage every 0.1 seconds instead of per spin.
  • Fixed the Disc Shooter’s health and armor recovery effects were not working.
  • Fixed the Flamethrower would not unlock in the Armory.
  • Reducing the price of some perks.
  • Changed the price and order of monsters in mutation menu.
  • Added hidden achievements to Steam.
  • Improved performance of flamethrowers and plasma throwers.
  • Increased damage and reduced reload time for the Wrist Blade.
  • Reduced damage and increased reload time for Light Blade.
  • Reduced self-destruct monster damage in Mission 2.
  • Increased skill recharge costs for Red Barrett, Sam, and Dusty-24.
  • Reduced the maximum damage of Double Barrel.
  • Increased Laser Drone Damage and Duration.
  • Increased damage and range for Missile Drones.
  • Improved visibility of projectiles fired by some monsters.
  • Improved the Achievements menu to show progress for each achievement.
  • Add a V-Sync option.
  • Added outlines to all interactable quest objects.
Known Issue

Purchased perks could not be selected with the mouse from the Perk menu in the main menu.

About achievements and unlocks

If you see an item in the Armory menu but not in the Achievements menu, it hasn’t been developed yet. These items will be added in a future update, so be patient.

What’s next

While we still have a lot of work to do, we believe we’ve fixed most of the critical bugs and level design with this patch, so for the next few weeks we’ll be focusing on the new missions and expert difficulty. Of course, we will continue to patch additional content, bug fixes, etc. as needed.

And if there’s anything else you think we should include in the next update, please let us know via the community. Your feedback is always very helpful!