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Alien Slayers » Patch

The changes below may include content you haven’t unlocked yet.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the clear time UI was not displayed properly in the mission menu.
  • Fixed the UI was displayed incorrectly when the mutation menu was manipulated with the mouse.
  • Fixed the floating UI indicating that the drone has reached max level is moving.
  • Fixed the selection UI moved together when using the mouse wheel in a scrollable menu.
  • Fixed the button sound and skill effect sound played simultaneously when using a skill.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters did not spawn properly on Mission 1 Hard difficulty.
  • Fixed the behavior of the monster ‘Dust Eater’ in Mission 2.
  • Fixed the unlock pop-up UI of some items was not properly translated.
  • Fixed an issue where the Net Launcher’s damage reduction against bosses and uniques did not apply.
  • Enemies hit by the Net Launcher will no longer relocate.

  • Fixed the shotgun reloading sound to be more audible.
  • Added difficulty text to achievement descriptions for achievements related to missions.
  • Improved the visibility of the UI that indicates the level of each equipment during the game.
  • Changed Light Blade’s enemy movement speed reduction from 25% to 20%.
  • Changed Dusty-24’s armor efficiency from 25% to 20%.
  • Changed Welding Torch’s armor efficiency from 40% to 20%.

Known Issue
  • In the mission selection screen, when the selection UI is located on the difficulty level, it is impossible to select another difficulty level with the mouse.
  • Text in some languages ​​overflows the UI frame.