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Sector Sweep » Patch 0.1.1

Hello fellow Galactic Sweepers!

We’ve got a 2nd-day update for you with the following adjustments:


– New bounty hunters ship animation.
– Changed font and adjusted some texts.
– New boss enemy graphics on the last planet.
– Crispier mobs graphics.


– Buffed land mines.
– Adjusted some unlocks requirements for upgrades.
– Adjusted volume of Grenades SFX.


– Adjusted planet objective overlapping with options on pause menu.
– Fixed Grenades Explosion SFX not reacting to SFX volume change.
– Fixed wrong player number when the first player left from the multiplayer lobby.
– Fixed problem that prevents multiplayer games to be restarted.
– Fixed problem that prevents players who killed every enemy fast enough to progress.
– Fixed graphical glitch caused by killed mobs.
– Fixed problem that caused game to start multiple times.
– Fixed some typos.


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Good luck, Soldiers!