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Dopemine Arena » Patch 0.051, Quit time fixed

-Fixed Quit time, details below
-Improved Loading times, hopefully
-Added “Restart” button on death.

I have been having an issue where the loading times are long, and quitting the game in particular was taking a long time (one tester thought his computer was locking up before I put in a quitting screen stating it can take a minute).

Wanderbots did a video on my game today (super excited about that) and one of the comments was complaining about how long it takes to quit and implying that the app might be doing something nefarious (which is a fair take).

I looked into the issue and did solve it, it turns out that it’s because I’ve been loading my game scene asynch when on the menu screen, something that I thought was a good thing to do. I tried it without doing that and just loading the scene directly instead when the Play button is hit, and now the game quits in a few seconds instead of like 30 to a minute.

Changing it did not significantly impact the loading time either as I thought it would. I came across another tip when looking how to improve loading times, and it turns out that a big culprit was the music in the game.

The default setting for sounds is “Decompress on Load” and if you change it to either of the 2 other options it improves loading time. The setup I am using right now is all of my music is set to “Streaming” and my sound effects are “Compress in Memory” with both “Load in background” and “Preload audio data” checked.

Changing these things has significantly improved the loading and quit time.