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Moonlighter » Our new game, Cataclismo, is NOW LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!

Fellow Rynokians!

It’s been a while since our last update, but there’s something HUGE we want to share with you:

Our next game, Cataclismo, is now ✨ LIVE ON KICKSTARTER


After Moonlighter and The Mageseeker, we’re working on a gloomy mix of real-time strategy and tower defense featuring brick-by-brick construction.

While the sun is up, build whatever you can imagine in the purest LEGO-like style. But when night falls, waves of Horrors will emerge from the treacherous mist. Deploy a wide range of soldiers in tactical positions to defend your stronghold!

Interested? Then be among the first to support Cataclismo and get access to limited discounts and rewards, not least a 200-page hardcover artbook or a backer-exclusive Iris figure.

Who better than our fellow merchants to join us in this journey? Help us raise our quality standards, independence, and ambition by backing us on Kickstarter. You can also try its free demo on Steam!

Hermes the pale raven says thanks!

See you in Hogar!
Israel – PR & CM