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Xenoraid: The First Space War » Our favourite reviews so far

Xenoraid has been out for a bit over a week now. Let’s look at some of the awesome things that have been said about the game.

Steam reviews


Well i’m really hooked on this game ….big time! Mainly because of it’s innovative stance. Instead of button mashing your way thru missions like so many other bullet hell games, you have to strategically time your shots so as to avoid overheating your guns. I’m glad the devs took this fresh & unique approach

Thanks Jimmy! A main driver of Xenoraid’s design was disappointment in how trivial and secondary the actual shooting is in most shoot’em ups. We just really enjoy shooting in itself, and we wanted to make a game that was very much about shooting. And not at all about memorizing, which is pretty much as far away from shooting as we can think of.


I very much like the way enemy ships react to player actions rather than just moving in scripted formations. Most alien ships have guns with a fixed arc of fire, and they actively maneuver to line up shots on you or to avoid colliding with asteroids.

Yes, exactly this! We found out quickly that the awesome shooting mechanics we had in the game work the best in conjuction with as dynamic combat as we can get. Which is great, because that was our assumption and plan all along! We also wanted to inject as much “space dogfighting” feeling into the game as the broad vertically scrolling shoot’em up genre limits permit, and were happy with the way how it came out.

Xenoraid – no to memorizing challenges, yes to piloting and shooting challenges.


Fantastic! Looking for a bullet hell game? Xenoraid has got you covered, truth is we didnt go into this game expecting alot but once we started playing it we just couldnt stop

We’re always happy to please 🙂 We always felt like marketing and positioning Xenoraid is not easy, but at least we seem to be winning over people once they give the game a go.


I’d recommend Xenoraid to anyone looking for a thinking man/womans shoot ’em up!

Amen, brother. Amen.

Well, to be fair, at about 10 minute point in Survival I’m not sure I’m able to think much, it seems to be all about the lizard brain right about at that time 🙂

Critic reviews

The game hasn’t been widely picked up by gaming sites for critic reviews, but we’re expecting more to come. The haul thus far has been great!

Brash Games
gave the game a perfect 10 out of 10 review score:


From the second I started playing this game it had my full attention, it was an incredible experience and I got lost in hours of gameplay.

This almost made us cry a little.

Gaming Cypher
awarded the game 8.5 out of 10:


If you are a casual gamer who needs to kill some time, or even a competitive gamer for the leaderboards, you may want to add this game to your stockpile.

Yes, we feel the game should definitely go into a whole lot of stockpiles. Hundreds, thousands of stockpiles!

Operation Rainfall
gave the game a solid 4 out of 5 stars:


Shmup experts may find the game less difficult than some bullet hell games for example, but the game still requires accuracy and good timing.

Yes! We always knew the game wouldn’t appeal to bullet hell purists who thrive on the most intricate and insane bullet patterns and score multipliers, at least if that’s all they want.

We’re trying to cater to everyone who’s into action games and shooters, Xenoraid just happens to be broadly in a genre that is largely very particular these days (bullet hell). So we made Xenoraid much more casual, which is not to say easy; there’s a Hard Mode after completing the game once, and the Survival will be very tricky in 15 minutes.

scored the game 7 out of 10:


… features several welcome departures from the current state of the genre that have been implemented to a high level of technical excellence and design, delivering a very enjoyable game that becomes more enjoyable the more it is played. It is definitely one that can get its hooks into you.

We could listen to compliments like “high level of technical excellence and design” all day, every day. Thanks!

A big thank you also to each and every one who bought the game! We hope you enjoy playing the game. If you happen to have friends who might be into this kind of stuff, itIt’d be a big favour for us if you could spread the word about the game.