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Other World Survivors » “Other World Survivors” now released!

Dear players:

“Other World Survivors” is finally released! Thank you for your support. Although we are EA, we have substantial content for you to enjoy. Themed on the Other World, the game of course cannot do without “crossover” (stitching)! The first to appear, is the character from “Bio Prototype” – Stormy! That’s right, we not only invited (kidnapped) Stormy, but also stitched the subtracted gameplay into the game! In addition, the “King”‘s soldiers (auto chess), the card slot machine (slot gameplay) and other details are very characteristic. We hope you like it!

Stomy! From Bio-Prototype, he can change the attack mode by changing the order of organs and produce a chain reaction.

Besides, there is another very popular character who will soon enter the Other World! Guess who he is!!!!!

Finally, thank you for your support of the “Other World Survivors”! We’ll keep updating (stitching) and hope you have fun!