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Seraph's Last Stand » OST? More like DONATE!

Ok, time to be a mercenary!

Some reviews from people that played the game for 20, 30 hours+ say they wish they could pay more for the game (check it for yourself, this really exists), so I decided to release the game’s OST as an easy way to let people pay more if they wish to do so.

You can find the OST on the game’s page, right here:

Now being serious, making the game $0.99 was a more like a marketing strategy, as people who had a few bucks on their steam wallets could purchase the game without spending any credit card money. I think that this helped the game to achieve more sales overall, and get to steam’s first pages, which helped with visibility, that became sales, so on and so forth.

I still have that voice on the back of my head saying: “What if the game was $3, would I have made 3 times more?”, but I don’t think that’s true. I think the game got exactly as far as it was “destined” to, maybe a little further than I expected for a 2 week project. Of course, since the game success I’ve been working on it almost everyday for the last months, but it’s proven to be worth it.

Anyways, if you like the game and think it deserves a bonus, consider buying the OST and you’ll be helping me to pursure my other game projects, which are 3 at moment, one of them being Gods of Sand, a gladiator manager in Early Access which you can already buy on steam.



– André