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ULTRAFUN » Onwards! To Lv.1500! …

If you were worried about the fact that there isn’t enough actual content in this game, you should now be less worried. This update brings Voidling Assault up to Lv.1500, although you can play it for longer if you like.

So what’s new? This is new:

  • Advanced campaignMany new things happen. A lot of things are revealed. Please. plz.
  • Qubert becomes a MercenaryQubert will actually join you in Voidling Assault as a fellow fighter, rather than an ambling walker, better known as being a “Scientist” back on the Planet.
  • Qubert will demand your moneyYeah, well, he’s not doing all this for free, you know. Qubert actually demands a raise from you.
  • New Character: Leadman!Leadman is a dull, grey, heavier counterpart to the main player character, the Ironman. Please enjoy him to your heart’s content, although he does nothing so that might not be very much. Anyway make peace with it?
  • Two new achievementsSorry achievement hunters, I guess I did just make your job way harder. Well, get to work, I guess.
  • A lot of bugfixes and QoL improvementsMore than I have bothered to tabulate in any way, shape, or form, so therefore I cannot consult a list of exactly what else I changed in this update. I changed a lot of things.

Thank you all for playing, and for giving me such valuable feedback to add to the game. It really makes a big difference. :’) There’s now over 1,000 unique players all-time. That’s amazing.

P.S. Yes, I removed the “Idle” game tag, even though this is totally an idle game. You are all wrong. Jk. Love you x

As the Greater Void emerges victorious, the fragmentary Planet Ky now hangs onto life by a single thread.

Each denizen of this peaceful planet now remains frozen; trapped inside of the timeless pocket-dimension created by the vicious warlock, Orteil…