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Relinked » On the way to release

Good afternoon, comrades!As you know, we are developing a rogue-lite game with Action-RPG elements, today I want to answer some questions.

Title change

You may have noticed the rebranding of the game, why did we do it?
1) The negative connotation of the word INFIDELITY. We took it to mean “Disbelief”, but its main meaning is “Adultery”, primarily marital, so it was decided to change the name of the game
2) Secondly this title is hard to remember, it doesn’t stick in your memory;
3) Steam already has a game with the name Red Sunrise;

Development progress

1. We have added all planned weapons to the game, both melee and ranged – these include different types of swords, axe, spear, bow, pistols, machine guns, rifles, grenade launcher, etc.

2. Most skills have been completed – fireballs, invulnerability, teleportation, shields, setting up turrets and more are all in the game!

3. Completed two locations – Soviet Union and China
4. Started translation into two languages – Russian and English, possibly Chinese will be added.

Now there is a finalization of some skills, algorithms spawn enemies and bosses, balance.

Release date?

Autumn 2023.

That’s all for now, thanks for being with us!