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Swarmrider Omega » OMEGA

Howdy folks, over a year ago SWARMRIDERS launched and it was asked on the Steam hub about a sequel/expansion. At that point of the timeline the character ascended to the colony and was presented to immortality. The character got richer at each new UBERMOSH volume and now it is possible to imagine a much darker version of “swarmcarving” inserted in the Vol.5 timeline. The character rides alone, carring the powers that can be aimed of Vol.5 (melter, manastrike and the dual guns) and a new power, hacking the swarm. The visuals should meet a world where death has a different meaning, the old tracks got faster and darker/low-tunned. The swarm is denser but now it can be detected under the smoke and “glass cannon” class mods are now present.
It took over a year, but now I can say that this step is completed.
Many many thanks for the feedback and support! I hope you like this new ride.