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Novi Cube » Oh boy! New Version 0.85 just dropped!

Version 0.85

Major Changes

– Connected the Achievement System to the Steam Achievement System
– UI Overhaul
– Rework of Special Projectiles
– New System for spawning chance of special projectile
– Explosion and Laser Projectiles now have charges. After these charges are depleted, the projectile becomes a normal projectile.
– Explosive Projectiles can now destroy indestructible tiles.

Minor Changes

– The color of the player death line changes if the player has a 2nd chance
– Changed the wording of some upgrades to clear out any misunderstandings
– Rebalancing of difficulties
– Explosives now always damage a boss, no matter how far away he is from the explosion
We play to have two more updates! One more content update for Version 0.9 and the final update for our release where we finish up more achievements and link them to the Steam Achievement System!