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Black Gunner Wukong » October 7th New Item Update.

Cyber Wukong’s active skill now provides an additional healing effect. This means that when Cyber Wukong uses his active skill, he will recover a certain amount of health.

Added enemy units, snipers. These may be a new type of enemy who can attack your heroes from a distance.

Increased prompts for attacking enemy artillery and snipers. This may be to help players better deal with these threats.

Added beginner rewards. When new players successfully complete 5 rounds, 10 rounds, and 15 rounds for the first time, they can receive additional rewards. This is designed to encourage new players to participate in the game.

Added a custom initial item function. This means that players can choose some initial items at the beginning of the game, which may affect their hero or game strategy.

Added new items:

Monkey Cola: +30 magic restoration.
Wind-Breaking Pill: +8% movement speed and +8% evasion.
Banana Fan: Summons a storm attack with the Banana Fan, with a maximum of 3 storms.
Big Stomach Monkey: Increases the probability of enemies dropping food, stackable up to 3 times.
Artillery Counter: Calls for artillery support, prioritizing the attack on self-propelled artillery and snipers, stackable up to 3 times.