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Test Lab Inc. » November Patch #1

It’s been one week since our release, but we’ve been hard at work and had some things that didn’t quite make it to our release version, but are now ready for shipping and coming into our very first patch. Here are the main changes:

New Model B4T Skins

We wanted to bring more variety to our enemies, and while the standard melee hit enemy that chases you is hard to replace, so we’re giving them a fresh coat of paint, every map will now have a unique new skin for the melee enemies we like to call Model B4T, they will still function the exact same way, so you don’t need to worry about those new enemies surprising you with new abilities just yet.

New Map: Furnace

This new map brings a quite larger area with a different layout for you to wander around while dealing with some of the enemies you’re used to go against, and also our brand new enemy which is the…

New Enemy

As a thematically accurate, this new enemy will chase you with it’s flamethrower when you’re exploring the furnace, don’t let it get too close, he’s quite hot.

New Abilities
  • Smite – This brand new ability is both a projectile and an area ability, so it can scale with both properties, especially with increased number of projectiles and increased area, have fun smiting your foes with lightning strikes!
  • Blizzard – A really cool new ability that will be sure to leave your foes chilling behind when chasing after you.
New Orb: Dark Bargain

This new orb will allow your abilities to always critically strike, but that comes at a cost, you won’t be able to increase the critical strike damage for that ability anymore.

New Orb Type: Conversion

A brand new concept introduced into the game, damage conversion, and it comes in the form of 3 new orbs which when equipped will change an ability damage type to Fire, Ice or Lightning, allowing you to get even more creative when building your character!

New Perks
  • Elemental Hit – Wanna deal different types of elemental damage without having to commit full abilities for that, this perk might be just what you’re looking for, it has a chance to trigger a hit of a random element when you deal elemental damage with an ability.
  • Warmup – A new way to gain the Rampage buff, now synergizing with the Physical damage type which was lacking a bit of support when compared to elemental damage.
  • Burning Critical Hits – Another new thing added in this patch, Damage Over Time effects, this particular perk will allow you to apply a DoT effect on your critical strikes with Fire damage, but more DoT effects are sure to come in the future!

We are commited to updating Test Lab Inc. and adding new stuff on a regular basis, our goal is for every update to have new abilities, orbs and perks, so there’s always new combinations for you to try in every patch, along with some bigger feature like a new map, new enemies, new bosses, new systems, and whatever we can come up with. We’d like to be able to release new updates every two weeks, but as we’re a small team with a limited budget, it may not always be possible, and some features may be larger and require more development time delaying our schedule. That’s all for now, we hope you enjoy our very first update while we’ll be working on bringing you even more new stuff, thank you all for supporting Test Lab Inc. and we’ll see you next patch!