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Swarmsurge » November Balance and Feature changes.

Weapon Updates

  • Flail changes: Now rotates around the player before being thrown in movement direction. Damage increased, cooldown decreased.
  • X-Gun, Plus Gun, Octgun now apply marked status to enemies. Enemies will take 10% additional damage while marked
  • Sword, Lightning blade now scale up with each level, making them far more effective weapons
  • Ultimate weapon cooldown reduced to 5 minutes

Feature Changes

  • Stats menu now added to main menu. Tracks various statistics on damage, usage, etc.
  • Default behavior in solo mode is now for the game to pause when leveling up. This can be disabled in options in the main menu.
  • Pickup range on coins has been increased.
  • Decreased EXP Crystal collection sound

Power up changes

  • Decreased speed increase from power up, increased speed increase from level up speed increase to compensate.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes related to weapons.
  • Prevent chest drops from being outside of the map.
  • Font scaling improved for unusual aspect ratios.
  • Stop enemies from pushing each other while paused.