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Gunfire Reborn » November 24th Emergency Patch Notes

Hello everyone! In this update, we have addressed some issues related to the [Endless Journey] and robot teammates. Since yesterday’s update, we have received significant feedback and suggestions regarding the [Endless Journey]. Currently, the [Endless Journey] is a challenging mode with high difficulty and various restrictions (thus only available from level 9 of Reincarnation). The development team has also noticed the player community’s requirement for more freedom in the game, so please give us some time to refine solutions. If you have more ideas and suggestions for the new version, feel free to continue providing feedback, and we will carefully evaluate each opinion for timely adjustments in subsequent updates.

–Gunfire Studio

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where monsters would not die in certain situations, causing the game to be stuck.
  • Fixed the issue where the shield of the Robot Teammate controlled by the host could not recover after continuous host transfers.
  • Fixed the issue where if the host was Nona after continuous transfer, the Robot Teammate controlled by the host did not have a Iron Wing.
  • Fixed the issue of abnormal skill release for [Li] caused by [Dragon Breath].
  • Fixed the issue with the abnormal third-person view display for rescue progress.
  • Fixed the issue of some interfaces being unable to scroll in controller mode.
  • Fixed the issue in the [Endless Journey] where the displayed DMG Resistance of monsters exceeded the 90% limit.
  • Fixed the issue in [Anxi Desert – First Stage] where the Peddler and Craftsman overlapped under certain circumstances.

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