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Nordic Ashes » Nordic Ashes + Steam Awards!

Hello Vikings!

We invite you to nominate Nordic Ashes to the Steam Awards!

But first of all, thanks for playing our game! We are overwhelmed with all your amazing feedback and kind words everyday. We’re having a blast working on this project week after week! ːNA_Gnokiː

As much as we’d love to participate in the GOTY category, we believe our game is more prone to be on the “Sit back and Relax” one (eventhough you must fight Ragnarok, we think from all the categories, this one fits best. Perfect game to chill after work or to play on a rainy day).
“This game is the antidote to a busy day. It lets your worries melt away”

We would be very grateful if you voted for us 😀 ːNA_RedHeartː

Autumn Sale

And of course we will be joining the Autumn Sale with a 20% off!

See you this Thursday for a new update as always!
Cheers! ːNA_Crystalː

As always, if you have any suggestions, issues or any kind of feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us:
🔸 Discord.
🔸 Steam Community.