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Greedland » Noobs in Greedland Bundle Now Available!

Do you like Xianxia or Sci-fi?
Or you would say you got interests for both?
There comes the offer!

【Noobs Want to Live】X【Greedland】 bundle is now available!Two highly rated survivor games combine a bundle sale now! This combination covers both Chinese Xianxia and Sci-fi genres, with animatic and realistic visual styles respectivaly. You can rain bullets to aline swarm in an wasted planet, and you can enjoy a close contact with cat monsters in a mysterious peach forest! It is time to take a shot!
Bundle link:

Noobs Want to Live is a fast-paced roguelike featuring several characters and a large pool of skills to choose from (that synergize with one another, too!) Fight, kill, grow. Each run is a new chance to create a steamrolling build!
Steam store link:

Greedland is a top-down shooter game that supports local two-players mode. Use multiple weapons to eliminate the flooding waves of monsters. Enjoy the shooting at a mixed experience between Vampire Survivors and Crimsonland!
Steam store link: