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Pandora » NonVR update and roguelite elements

Big changes incoming!

We are happy to announce our latest update, which includes a non-VR version of Pandora. Whether you’re a VR enthusiast or prefer a different experience, Pandora has got you covered.

We’ve also made the following changes:

Smooth Locomotion

You can now use smooth locomotion in VR in addition to the grab/pull mechanic

Tutorial rework

We heard your feedback about our previous tutorial and have revised it to make it even clearer and more user-friendly. Get ready for a smoother learning curve!

Leveling system

Unlock a whole new dimension of progression with our leveling system. Defeat foes or collect crystals to earn experience, unlocking permanent upgrades that elevate your gameplay.


We’re working hard to make sure everything in Pandora feels just right. We’re tweaking each ability to make the game more fun and balanced for everyone to enjoy.