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Snake Farm » Nominate SNAKE FARM for the Steam Awards!

Hey, snake farmers! It’s the Steam Autumn Sale, and with that, comes the yearly STEAM AWARDS! These are vital for small developers: votes turn into views turn into sales, oil is life is money is death, etc etc etc. If you’ve found SNAKE FARM to be an enjoyable experience, I highly encourage you to nominate it for the Innovative Gameplay category!

Reasons you should vote for SNAKE FARM:

  • Its “choose-your-own-challenge” approach to difficulty is a completely novel take on the Survivors-like genre, and the roguelike genre as a whole!
  • Even after launch, it’s constantly innovating, through the recent CURSE OF RAMONA update and the upcoming ECONOMIES OF SCALE update. That’s a lot of extra content for no extra price, and each update takes this novel core in new directions!
  • The physicality of snakes adds a ton of dimensionality to an otherwise simple combat system; in very few other games is it possible to be surrounded by a single enemy!

If you’ve had fun with SNAKE FARM, if you’ve been furious with yourself for overinvesting in tiger snakes, if you’ve harbored a weird obsession with Goose, if you’ve torn the game apart like taffy in endless mode, I highly encourage you to vote for us. And if you do: thanks.
ALSO: We’re running a 20% off sale during the Steam Autumn Sale! Tell your friends! Buy them copies! They shall learn the way of snakes!

One final note: I’m excited to report that there’s now a SNAKE FARM Speedrunning Discord! The speedrunning community is immediately terrifying, but they’re real, they’re strong, and they’re very fast. Check it out if you’re interested in playing SNAKE FARM in entirely new ways!