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Crab Champions » Nominate Crab Champions for the Steam Awards!

If you are enjoying Crab Champions so far, it’d mean a lot to me if you could nominate it for a Steam Award (after polling the community, it looks like either the “Best Soundtrack” or the “Better With Friends” categories are the most suitable for this game). There’s still so much to add but I’ve been blown away by the response to the game since it launched only a few months ago in April!

In other news, the beta for the next big update has been live for the last week or so, bringing lots of new features such as:

– Selectable Melee Weapons (Claw, Dagger and Hammer) and Abilities (Grenade, Grappling Hook, Black Hole, Ice Blast and Laser Blast)
– 2 brand new Mingames to test your skills without committing to a full roguelike run
– Side sliding
– New weapons (Laser Cannons and Seagle) and perks
– New enemies
– New island layouts
– New music
– Much more (quality of life features, massive loot and enemy rebalances etc.)

Anyone that owns the game can opt in, full instructions can be found in the #beta-getting-started channel on the Discord server:

Thanks for being the best community any developer could ask for, see you in the patch notes for the Variety Update once it leaves beta! 🦀

P.S. the game is now on sale (25% off!) for the duration of the Steam Autumn Sale!