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Nomad Survival » Nomad Survival 1.0 Release

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well.

As discussed before, the 1.0 release is not going to be particularly magnificent. What I wanted to do was fix up some bugs, change around some things, and give Gemstones more use. That’s exactly what this update does.

Anyway, here’s the list!

Changes tagged with were suggestions from you, the players, in the Discussion board, in YouTube videos, in Twitch streams, or in the Discord. Thanks!


  • A button to switch over to spending Gemstones has been added to the Upgrades menu. These Upgrades are separate from Upgrades bought with Coins and stack additively (as everything else does).
  • The language of your Operating System is no longer taken into account when loading Nomad Survival. It was instead always default to English, with exception to the Chinese language, which will continue to refer to the Operating System for its language default.
  • When selecting Challenge II for The Dry Marsh, Retaliation bonuses from Upgrades are now disabled. This should prevent you needing to reset your stats to do the Challenge.
  • Reduced hitbox size for enemy lightning attacks in the 4th map.
  • Fixed visual bug where map modifiers for enemies would incorrectly show as reducing enemy stats instead of increasing them. This was strictly a visual bug.
  • Fixed a lot of little, miscellanous bugs.

So, what does this mean for Nomad Survival moving forward? I’m still going to fix bugs as they’re brought up, I’m still going to put in updated translations as they’re created, and overall I’m still going to curate the game as necessary. The big thing here is that there likely won’t be any new content moving forward.

I’ve learned a lot making Nomad Survival, and as some people have pointed out (often in a particularly negative light), this shows in some of the way things are presented in Nomad Survival. Someone wrote a review that said the UI was made by a programmer and it cracked me up. It’s true. The UI in Nomad Survival isn’t super great. The way some skills interact isn’t super great. Lots of things could be better, but they could be improved on forever. There has to come a point where I say things are in a good enough spot and move on, and that time is now.

I won’t try to change the minds of people that are convinced this is “abandoning the game” (seriously I even said Early Access would be 3-6 months and considering it was released in April, this would be almost 6 months).

I won’t try to argue with people that think it should be better, or that I made mistakes doing this or that.

Instead, I want to say that I appreciate the people who enjoyed the game and voiced that. Motivation often came in the form of people telling me they had a great time playing the game and I appreciate that more than you may ever know.

As a one-man dev team and said dev not being super experienced in the process of creating games, I have to take a step back and say that Nomad Survival came out pretty well, all things considered, and I’m so glad that so many people agree.

The biggest thing was that it was a huge learning process. I’ve learned so much about what makes games fun and have come up with so many ideas that I’m already wanting to work on a new project. If you’d be interested in that sort of thing, I’ll be posting information when the time comes in the Discord (you can find our Discord here: ). For those of you who aren’t, I understand, and I hope you have a good time playing the many great games out on Steam, made by much more competent devs than me.

Anyway, this is already turning out to be pretty wordy, so I’ll wrap it up.

Thank you everyone for your support. For the bugs you’ve reported (and I’ve hopefully fixed). For the encouragement you’ve provided. For enjoying the game, a game that I made, which is an incredible feeling.

I wish you all the best and I look forward to creating more games. I hope to see some of you around in the future. Many of you are genuinely kind, awesome people. Never change.