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NIMRODS: GunCraft Survivor » NIMRODS Demo Available Now!

Listen up, Nimrods, ’cause this is the real deal!

🚀 We’re unleashing a demo that’s so hot it’s – still on fire! It’s a survivor-like horde shooter combined with Gun Crafting, and you’ve got a chance to play it now for free! Let us know if it’s your cup of alien-slaying tea if you’ve got the guts. 🪖

🗺️ Map Expansion

Deploy to an alien planet so massive that even aliens get lost! And guess what? We’re not done yet. We’ve got big plans to sprinkle this deadly playground with more cool stuff – think hidden secrets, unlockable characters, enemies with attitude, environmental hazards, and more! Keep your eyes peeled for our new “drop zones” which you can use to choose where you start your run, ’cause why the hell not?

🤖 Drone Companion

What’s better than a trusty drone buddy? One that carries a weapon you built, that’s what! Create overpowered synergies and make your alien adversaries weep. In the future we’ll expand this system to enable customization of your drone’s behavior, appearance, and more!

🎯 Missions

Got an itch for adventure? Head to your local mission board for quests and achievements that’ll make you feel like an action hero again. Grab those missions, rack up achievements, and rake in the rewards like the good little space mercenary you are!

🎮 Balance

Brace yourselves, Nimrods, ’cause we’ve flipped the script! We’ve re-imagined combat, expanded weapon augment pools, and removed research requirements for now, in order to maximize your gun crafting capabilities!

📢 Feedback

Tell us what you think, ’cause we live for your feedback. Fill out this short survey if you know what’s good for you – seriously though, it would mean the world to us!

Alright, that’s enough chatter for one lifetime. Gear up if you think you’re ready for action, this is just the beginning. Grab your controller, dive into the demo, and let’s clap some alien cheeks! 🎮👾