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Ember Knights » Nexus News – 1.0 and Beyond!

Greetings, Knights!

We did it! After 25 updates and patches throughout Early Access, we made it to 1.0!

It’s been an incredible experience to see where we started and how far we’ve come and seeing our vision become a reality has been truly rewarding. Throughout this journey, we’ve been blessed to receive tons of positive feedback and support and we’re very appreciative for all the comments and suggestions to help improve the game. Ember Knights would not be what it is today without you, our amazing players!

Now, if you joined us during our Early Access, you’ll know that working with the community is what we do. If you’re new to Ember Knights, trust us when we say, just because we’ve reached 1.0, it doesn’t mean we’re done with Ember Knights – not by a long shot!

On that note, let’s take a peek at what’s coming in our 1.1 update, available the week of September 18th.

Update 1.1

We’re in the final stages of wrapping up everything for our first scheduled postlaunch update. We wanted to take our time with this one to make sure we heard from as many of you as we could. Well, we’ve listened and we believe we’ve put together a really great update for you! Without spoiling too much, we’ve put together some highlights below.


The Praxis realm is getting a big and much needed overhaul and that includes the following:

  • Rewards! They’re now all over the place and decisions matter!
  • New room types including Healing Rooms, Offering Pits, Miniboss Rooms, and more
  • Enemy balancing and area hazard adjustments
More Difficulty Options

To help a wider range of players, we’ve added another layer of difficulty options. On each save slot, you’ll have the option of selecting Easy, Normal, or Hard to better suit your experience and mood.

Ember Shrine

To add more customization to your Knight, we’ve brought back an asset we made a long time ago, even before our Combat Demo, added a bunch of improvements and polish, and made it our brand new, Ember Shrine. So long Ember Pit!

With the Ember Shrine, you’ll be able to choose your flame color and outfit independently of each other, so instead of 14 color combinations, you’ll now have 196! Keep an eye on the Shrine for more customization options down the road…

Nexus Improvements

One of the first things you’ll notice is a bit of a new look for the Nexus. We’ve reworked the Weapon and Skill areas and gave the Compendium a little bit of love. You may even see a Steward catching up on some light reading.

Quality of Life Improvements

We’ve made a HUGE number of QoL improvements which cover Skills, Relics, Endgame Modifiers, Endless Looping, Healing Rooms, Mimic King, Anville, and so much more!

As always, when 1.1 drops, we’ll include the complete patch notes and be prepared, it’s a big one!

Nintendo Switch

As well as putting together the 1.1 update, we’ve also prepared a pretty significant patch for the Switch. We’ve received word from Nintendo that it’s been approved and scheduled to release today, September 12th!

This patch will include a bunch of optimizations specifically for the Switch as well as all the content and fixes currently available on PC.

We’re still figuring out the best way to keep the Switch version as current as the PC version and we’ll be putting out updates for both, as close to each other as we can, but given the differences in submission processes, we expect the Switch updates to lag slightly behind the PC updates.

Thank you for the questions regarding online multiplayer but we don’t have an update on this at the moment.

So, what’s next?

In addition to preparing the 1.1 and Switch updates, we’ve also been busy putting our thoughts together for new content and features for the future. It’s still way too early to share any big news but looking ahead at 1.2, we’re starting to work on the following:

  • Wightsbury balancing
  • Anville balancing
  • Ember Tree updating
  • Weapon & Mod updating
  • New relics

Some really exciting things are in the works but we can’t spoil any of that quite yet!


An edition of Nexus News wouldn’t be complete without highlighting some of our amazing community members!


Firstly, we have to again acknowledge our Discord member, Tfeh for his amazing accomplishment of being the first and only person to finish the DEMONS challenge!

If you haven’t yet seen the run, you can check it out here:

As promised, he now gets to work with us to design a new relic! We worked together on one already but unfortunately, it didn’t play nice with our existing systems so we’re back to the drawing board. We’re planning to include this joint collaboration in our 1.2 update.

If you’re up for an incredibly difficult challenge, definitely give DEMONS a try. After all, Tfeh is likely lonely being the only person to hold the special Discord role, DEMONS CHAMPION.


Speaking of challenges and records, check out this incredible speedrun from Discord member, QuirkyTurtle!

This sub 7 minute run is currently the world record! Amazing stuff!

If you’re interested in speedrunning Ember Knights, check out the official leaderboard here:


If you’re looking for more information on Ember Knights, check out the player-made Wiki here:

A huge thanks to zza675, Sky, Kif, Diamondara, and all other contributors!


Don’t worry if making videos isn’t your thing. We also love to share incredible artwork that we receive. Check out some awesome pieces below!

Arlan in deep thought, likely anticipating our upcoming dev stream where we talk Ember Knights trivia. Made by Discord member, Lost

An incredible model of a Steward admiring a Nexus flower. Made by Discord member, Bullseye Buttonmasher

Esper has a daughter!? From Discord member, Витëк

A meditating Knight by Discord member, Rush

Praxis never looked so evil. Check out this piece by Discord member, Rai

“Made in Chicory: a colorful tale!” – Discord member, Yarn


With the drop of 1.0, we’ve also been fortunate to see so many exciting gameplay videos and streams. Check out a small sample of some of our favorites below!


If you haven’t yet joined our Discord server, we’d love to have you. We’re now over 5,800 members and growing every day!

It’s an incredible resource for game information, tips, multiplayer matchmaking, and more. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – without a doubt, we have one of the best and most welcoming gaming communities around!


We’d like to take the time to acknowledge and sincerely thank everyone for taking the time to leave a positive review. We’re closing in on 3,000 and for small studios like us, they’re incredibly important. So, from all of us at Doom Turtle, thank you!

With that, I think we’ll close things off for now. Thanks for reading and your continued support!
See you next week for the release of 1.1!

Doom Turtle