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20 Minutes Till Dawn » Next Patch Delayed / What I’m Working On

Hi, everyone! In my a previous announcement, I mentioned that a new patch would be coming late in December. However, the upcoming patch ended being much more substantial than what I had initially planned, so it’ll be a delayed. I wanted to share a quick update on what I’m working on.

New Monsters, and Enemies Rebalancing

New enemies are coming! Some existing enemies will be reworked as well.

New Upgrade Perks and Major Rebalancing

Some existing upgrades that don’t do enough, like Blazing Speed, are getting reworked or replaced. New upgrades and synergies are getting introduced as well!

Rerolls and other Quality of Life Improvements

Rerolls will be a standard feature now, not just a Shana exclusive thing. Shana is also getting reworked alongside this change. Other QoL improvements coming as well (UI for seeing current stats, compendium of upgrades, etc).

Endless Mode Rework

The current endless mode is neither a balanced nor satisfying experience and will be scraped completely. I’m testing some options to replace it.

So when is the next patch coming?

In addition to the above, there’s actually quite a bit more content and new systems I’m working on that I’m not ready to reveal. A lot of it is not set in stone so it’s tough for me to give an ETA for now. Thanks for being patient and I’ll try to give a news update again when I have more to share!