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Alien Slayers » [News] Alien Slayers – Early Access Out Now!

Hello everyone!

Alien Slayers is finally out now in Early Access!

The game isn’t fully polished yet, but it has more content and balancing work has been done compared to the demo, and the more you play, the more you’ll find yourself getting stronger with new content. And if you use your imagination, you can create powerful synergies that make the game look ridiculously easy!

Future plans

For about a week from now, we will focus on fixing critical bugs and balance issues, and after that, we will proceed with the following scheduled content updates.

More Missions

Currently, Alien Slayers has 2 missions ready, and at least 3 missions will be added during the Early Access period. However, adding new missions will be the slowest update as they require overall balancing work and massive resources.

More Content

There are a total of 49 equipments available right now, and we plan to add at least 10 more during Early Access, Also, perks and drones will be added continuously along with the mission updates.

More systems for Power Up

In addition to training, drones, perks, and mutation systems, there are three major systems planned for addition. It’s still too early to reveal the details of the system, but it will be a powerful system that will allow you to take on more difficult missions without interfering with gameplay.

So, please give us a lot of feedback and interest in the future, and enjoy the game!

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