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Hollow Survivors » New weapon

Hello Players! 👋

We’re happy to see you again. Today we’d like to continue a topic mentioned in the previous devlog- the Lava Floor 🌋 as well as introduce two new spells, a new weapon and an exciting feature which will tremendously impact your gameplay! Let’s take a look, shall we? 👀

Lava Floor

In this hellish landscape only the strongest monsters shall survive. 💪 Therefore, it’s not surprising that enemies you’ll get to face on this floor will have considerably higher hp and more challenging attack patterns. ⚔️ To make defeating the monsters more satisfying we’ve introduced an improved AI which makes the enemies smarter. 🧠

Today, we’d like to introduce you to three enemies you’ll encounter on these lands. The first one shoots a barrage of bullets once every few seconds but is immobile. The second- giant skull 💀 will charge at the players and their considerable size makes them harder to dodge without dashing. The last enemy we want to show you is the minotaur- a creature known for its great defense. Armed with a sturdy shield he’ll block every attack coming from the guarded direction. Use your agility to maneuver around him and deal a clean hit. 👍

Two new spells

That’s right! We’re introducing two new spells to give you more diversity while creating your builds! 🔥 The first one is called Explosion Curse. It’s a curse cast on an area which causes the area to explode after a moment. 💥 This spell, although very powerful in terms on pure damage will require you to predict the movement of your enemies to showcase the full capabilities of this ability.

The other spell is the Wave Blast. A highly concentrated blast of energy which hits enemies just outside of your melee range. Keep in mind that this spell will not hit enemies which are too far or too close so keeping a proper distance and planning your movement carefully is of utmost importance when using this ability.

New weapon- Bow

That’s right! We’re introducing a new ranged weapon for all of you who want to strike your enemies from a distance. 🏹 Keep in mind that this considerable range comes at a price of lower damage and slower fire rate.

New Feature- Multiple upgrades

Previously, you could only choose one upgrade from each category (attack, spell, dash). 📝 Now, you can equip up to 2 upgrades of the same type and make some interesting combinations! 🤩 There is a small catch to it- the second upgrade of the same category will have its effectiveness lowered by 50%. That’s why the order will also become an important factor while developing your hollowed fighters.

That’s it for today! We can’t wait to hear your opinion on the contents of this devlog, so let us know in the comments below or on discord! 👇 If you enjoy our work, please add the game to your wishlists on Steam to not miss on any future update!

See you soon,
Hollow Survivors Team