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R-Like » New Weapon Added

So we’ve wanted to add this for a while, and here it is 🙂

This alternative version of the shard cannon will ricochet off enemies multiple times – nowhere is safe. It’s especially powerful in enclosed environments, where ceilings and floors can trap the projectiles inside the level.

In addition, we’ve fixed some bugs with the Ripple Shield, and changed how it works with coverage upgrades – it now stays until it is destroyed (power upgrades help it survive more hits as before), but coverage upgrades make it bigger. It also projects further, so bigger isn’t always better 😛

We added an indicator around the ship for the turret direction, to make it slightly easier to track your fire. Additionally, the original shard cannon has slight tracer lines added for additional clarity.

Finally, there’s some additional information in the upgrade selection screen. It wasn’t obvious before, but each weapon has a number of “types”, and the different weapon upgrades applied to those types. Broader types are less powerful but potentially apply to more weapons. Now, all of this is visible in the upgrade boxes for more informed choices.