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Atomic Picnic » New Update just Dropped with a New Upgrade: Lightning in a Bottle!

We just released a new Update to the game, introducing a new upgrade and some quality-of-life improvements to the multiplayer experience!

New Upgrade: Lightning in a Bottle

Shock your enemies whenever you successfully Fast Reload your weapon!

Multiplayer Quality of Life
  • Whenever a player picks up a Health Pickup, they will automatically ping its location to everyone
  • Whenever a player is downed there’s a new warning to your team that someone has fallen
  • Whenever a player help another downed player there’s a new notification warning everyone of how good of a samaritan this player is!

Director’s Commentary

This update doesn’t seem much, but it’s the start of something bigger. We’re finally working on some new upgrades to make you feel more powerful and to enable more builds to be done.
You can expect the new upgrades to be visually appealing and way cooler than everything that came before!
We’re also making sure each new upgrade fits on a cool playstyle so you guys can think of some crazy combinations down the line 😀

There’s more coming!