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Soundodger+ » New Update – Hugs & The Community

Hello Fellow Dodgers,

It’s been a long time, but for some reason the community hasn’t stopped making levels! For that reason alone, we’ve gone ahead and made a huge update to Soundodger, just for the fans. We even had fans help put together the latest DLC pack, s3! Aside from that, we’ve introduced a new Hug bullet as well as the dreaded 3D Mode. Full list of stuff below!

Major Additions:
– new “hug bullet” type. Requires the player to touch it before it leaves the arena (featured extensively in DLC)
– new DLC pack “s3”, containing 19 new levels, over an hour of content (1hr 17min)
– new unlockable 3D Mode, allowing you to play a “3D” version of any level (main game or user levels). Unlocks after you’ve played every level from the main game.
– folder support for user levels

– controller search toggle now saved between sessions
– adjusted difficulty rating on various levels
– tweaked choreography on some levels
– moved DLC files into DLC folder
– changed “back” button at song selection to read “main menu”
– added hearts & hugs page to help screen
– Editor: added staggered loading for larger levels
– Editor: ability to use decimal values for spinrate & timewarp markers (in XML)
– Editor: added bullet marker heads for bullet types
– Editor: added bullet marker colors for bullet patterns
– Editor: added hug and heart bullets to info panel and filters
– Editor: added special marker head for error bullets
– Editor: added ability to nudge selected markers via +/-
– Editor: added support to display up to 30 enemies in info panel
– Editor: added ability to take clean screenshot of game preview
– Editor: updated hotkey cheatsheet

– fixed white text not visible during level select
– fixed Adult Swim button on Title Screen to reflect new URL
– fixed white score text visibility
– fixed slow bullets disappearing in 60fps mode
– fixed spelling on cheat code
– fixed error when trying to scroll past a song with no mp3
– fixed enemies not disappearing at end of level
– Editor: prevented pasting copied bullets into timewarp/spinrate
– Editor: fixed mouse visibility when exiting in fullscreen preview
– Editor: fixed bullet markers collapsing on each other when dragging quickly
– Editor: fixed spinrate markers being unselectable when underneath timewarp markers

Happy Dodging!