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Arcadium - Space Odyssey » New Update

Features & Content

A new mission has been added to obtain the artifact “Tesseract”.
A new mission has been added to obtain the new artifact “Cosmic Rain”.


The game now automatically starts up with the orientation the device is currently in as you launch the game.
The game now defaults to semi-automatic aim when switching from portrait to landscape orientation.
A splashscreen was added with the logo of the game.
Performance optimization when there are many enemies are on screen.
Improved options layouts.


Fixed an issue where the player could pause the game in the Game Over screen.
Removed the mission for Mercury, that was not meant for the demo as the spaceship isn’t there.
Fixed an issue where an alien biome that didn’t match the nearest celestial object could spawn in place of the correct one.
Fixed an issue where the choice for the item to swap (when you’re full of active items) was automatically selected, leaving you with no choice in selection.
Fixed an issue where planets were stretched in the planetary log.
Fixed an issue where the tutorial text wasn’t 100% visible.
Fixed various issues when changing orientation of the device.
Various improvements and fixes.