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Arcadium - Space Odyssey » New Update

Features & Content

New artifact “Xeno Transmitter” and its related mission have been added; this new artifact reduces the peace-time between waves, for players who seek a more fight-intensive experience.
Upon destruction, moons will now drop exp gemstones; there’s also a small chance to drop “lunar cheese”, a consumable item.
The first miniboss has been added to the game, more minibosses will follow in the future.


The currently equipped artifacts are now visible without having to go to the artifacts panel.
A new panel for stage selection has been added, which also reminds the player of their stage level and goal.
The duration of stages has been reduced from 20 minutes to 15 minutes, condensing the fun of the game even further.
The game now shows the best survived time of a specific stage.
Reduced the amount of times moons go rogue.


Fixed an issue where the talents “Multishot” and “Around The Corner” could be in conflict with each other, where Multishot buffed the back bullets rather than the front ones. Specifically, the bullets shot by “Around The Corner” will not be buffed by “Multishot” and will not count toward talents such as “Frostblade Barrage”.
Fixed an issue where items spawned from wishing rifts were not tracked.
Fixed an issue where the green broken ally could hit enemies from its broken staste.
Various improvements and fixes.