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Arcadium - Space Odyssey » New Update

Features & Content

Endless stage has been added (available in the coming Open Beta November 6th – November 13th).
More missions have been added.
New minibosses have been added.
Elite aliens have been added, bigger and stronger versions of current aliens.
New planets have been added; gas planets have been temporarily removed as they just make for worse planets. They’ll likely come back as a new feature with different functionality.
New item “Gold Fueled Might Influx”.


The demo will now show certain content (as locked) from the future full version of the game.
The spaceships Janus and Antevorta have been overhauled.
The gold counter is now always visible, and no longer appears/disappears based on proximity with a merchant or other gold-oriented events.
Most of the talents, items and artifacts have been rebalanced and/or improved in their behaviours.
Skills are no longer referenced as “base” and “advanced”, but rather as “first” and “second”.
Various UI and GUI improvements pretty much everywhere.
Diamond of Resilience (infected planet’s passive item) no longer grants resistance but defense, which is a new stat. While resistance decreases damage received by %, defense decreases damage received by a flat amount.
Waves of enemies have been better balanced.
Missions will now show the reward’s title and description.
Space Rifts and Music Aliens have been made clearer in their behaviours.
Improved performance in the late-game (benefits mostly mobile users).
Most of the smaller texts and interactable buttons have been increased in size.
Base speed of all spaceships has been slightly increased.
Highlighted numbers in descriptions now correctly highlights stats that change between levels rather than all stats.
Restoration bar fill now uses a different color than the harvesting one, to make it more clear you’re in the restoration phase with infected planets.
Reduced the amount of infected planets around.
Added a small spawn animation for the player.
Locked spaceships will now show which mission you must complete to unlock them.
Waves generated from infected planets are now smaller and weaker.
The player’s HP bar is now always on top and cannot be hidden by enemies.
The Merchant won’t “run out of items” as easily as before.
Further performance and balance improvements.


Fixed an issue where explosive aliens could push you at the speed of light (usually toward a planet, leading to an immediate death).
Fixed an issue where defeating aliens on an infected planet without absorbing the planet could be exploited into infinitely farmable exp by quitting and resuming the run.
Fixed an issue where, after ending a run, the continue button was still there in the main menu.
Fixed an issue where fire particles still appeared when using Adamant item.
Fixed an issue where Overwhelming Splendor could hit unintended targets.
Fixed an issue where the Recover HP talent wasn’t working and had no visual effect.
Fixed an issue where perfect landings weren’t properly registered in certain scenarios.
Fixed an issue where big stars could lead the background to change all of sudden.
Fixed an issue where the aliens wouldn’t move properly after being frozen.
Fixed an issue where under specific conditions, planets would appear all of sudden, with no prior tracking.
Fixed an issue where the ship’s communication suddenly stops.
Fixed a few issues around the music where it would stop or repeat where it didn’t have to.
Fixed an issue where The Bait and Sentry Guns were reacting to gravity.
Fixed a visual issue with Mercury spaceship while it moves.
Fixed an issue where certain looping sounds kept playing as you went to the home screen from a run.
Fixed an issue where the shoot aim would jitter on automatic shooting as the enemy moved.
Fixed an issue with Neptune “The Hunt” skill where it would never end; the skill has also been improved.
Fixed an error with Magic Dice artifact.
Fixed an issue with NPCs messages being wrongly assigned to different targets (e.g. a drone talking as it was the Merchant).
Fixed an issue where BOOManiac would explode all enemies when selected.
Fixed an issue where you could get 2+ items out of a single infected planet.
Fixed an issue where the tutorial’s video would stutter.
Fixed an issue where Radiant Bomb wouldn’t hit certain targets (e.g. moons).
Fixed an issue where the spaceship would slightly move by itself when sitting lateral to a planet, eventually stopping the resource harvesting.
Fixed an issue where “fake arrows” that would point to planets appeared, but no planet was there.
Fixed a visual issue with shadow aliens.
Fixed layout issues with artifact descriptions.
Fixed an issue where items could appear with the consumable icon, albeit not being consumable.
Fixed an issue when getting multiple items on succession the notification could have the wrong text.
Fixed an issue where UI elements could display in the device “unsafe area” (mobile notch).
Fixed an issue where Space Time Drift Stars had an incorrect direction and velocity.
Fixed an issue where you could spawn more minibosses by going to infected planets at the right time.
Fixed an issue where you could close the talents level up panel.
Fixed an issue where on mobile devices the orientation was always portrait at startup.
Fixed an issue where aliens which were spawned by other aliens were not tracked and didn’t have certain features.
Fixed an issue where the artifact Advanced Radar had an incorrect maximum level.
Fixed an issue where the descriptions of artifacts displayed in the pause menu and game over took in consideration also the ones you’ve obtained in that same run.
Various fixes and improvements.