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Arcadium - Space Odyssey » New Update

Features & Content

New spaceship “Mendacius”.
New artifact “Critical Strike Amplifier” with the related mission “Critical Endeavour”.
New items “Terror Cone” and “Engine Trade-Off”.


Various common items have been improved.
Recovery Spot item has been improved.
Decreased the frequency of comets spawn in the universe (I know they’re very loved).
Improved Vulcan Giant Explosion’s Missile by firing it toward the aim’s direction rather than the ship’s forward.
Harvest Speed is now shown in the stats.
Further improvements to late-game performance.


Fixed an issue where the blue broken ally would shield enemies rather than the player.
Fixed an issue where the skill charge SFX was played only when the skill was fully charged and not when a new stack was up (affected only multi-charges skills).
Fixed an issue where artifacts in the missions menu would showcase a wrong level description.
Various fixes and improvements.