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Robot Revolt » New Update


Usability Improvements
– added a small ingame tutorial on controls and purpose in the game
– tech cards / draft now show more clearly their type and if they are new or an upgrade
– upgrade “ranks” are shown on each upgrade
– the difficulty will now ramp up more gradually
– added custom cursor
– some colors were made lighter to not appear “inactive”
– type of aim for weapon has been added to description
– changed fire rate and reload for clearer meaning
– tooltips added to stats

– EMP Aura has been reworked, new version is more reliable
– fixed railgun hitting the same enemy multiple times
– ground Spear spawns and despawns correctly and has aoe
– all weapons tweaked

– recycler will now have a chance to drop health kits directly instead of convert

– ranged enemies now correctly implement their range
– enemies will try and “unstuck” themselves from objects more aggresively
– all enemies tweaked