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Robot Revolt » New Update 0.6


Unlocks Added

– Unlocks have been added. They can be purchased in the main menu for diskettes found ingame. They include new vehicles, items and weapon. Quite few items and weapons previously available have been locked but we’re are sure that you will get them again soon.

Traits Added

– Traits have been added. They can be found in dungeons and include various powerful passive effects as well as increases to strength, agility, intellect and luck.
– Traits are looted from dungeons but at the end of the game you must choose which to keep.
– Traits can be ranked up which increases the attributes granted.

Level generation

– A new level system has been made.
– Instead of choosing specific levels it is now randomized.
– Difficulty can be selected at the beginning. Rare and beyond traits drop from higher difficulties.

Various tweaks and fixes

– Rebalanced health and damage values to begin a bit easier.
– Enemies now increase in health, damage and speed each minute.
– Factories have deadly traps.
– Resolution menu should work better.
– AoE scaling implemented correctly (some weapons nerfed as result).
– Updated various weapon and item upgrades to better explain their effect.

Achievements will be added in 1-2 days. A bug prevented it from being ready.

The next patch is 0.7 which will focus on adding some new items and weapons as well as reworking some of the existing ones.

Thanks for playing and if you enjoy the game, please consider telling your friends!

team dytdyt