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Seraph's Last Stand » New staffs, new hats and new ascencions!


It’s been only a few days since the game has been released here on Steam, and I must admit that it went beyond my expectations! My true expectation was that the game would be a hit like Vampire Survivors lol but I know how lucky I’d have to be, and that Seraph’s does not appeal to such a broad audience, but I’m really happy with how things got to be 🙂

Today I’m releasing a new patch, which icludes:

– New Staff: Frozen Tip – It’s projectiles go through all enemies. Great to be used with bleeding.

– New Staff: Rainbow Staff – Shoots a random projectile every 1 second. It can shoot a weak projectile, like the homing, or a strong one, like the explosive, but that means you start with a faster attack speed than the staffs with strong projectiles.

– New Hat: Challenger’s Hat – Doubles the amount of enemies that spawn, but you have 20% chance of getting double cards. I tried to make 100% chance of double cards, but it was EXTREMELY OP, so it’s better this way. Also, I can think of a couple build that could benefit from more enemies on the map.

– New Hat: Fedora – Really stylish, but also really useful. This hat lets you reroll freely, but you can’t enter the scoreboard in the end. I created this hat to make it easer for people to explore different builds and see how strong they can get.

– New Ascencion: Exorcist – Now with 6 stacks of Souls you unlock this trait. When you pick up a soul orb, a very powerful beam is launched up, damaging everything on it’s way. I think it’s kinda OP right now, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

– New Ascencion: Burning Man – With 3 stacks of Overheat you get this trait. It creates a halo around your character that deals body damage every 2 seconds. Now melee builds are getting a lot more viable.

And that’s it for this patch.

Since this is a small project, I don’t intend on working on this game forever, also because the game was so badly programmed that if I try to implement any new mechanics right now, it breaks everything lol But what I have in mind is creating an ascencion to each and every card, maybe throwing another 2 or 3 new cards, a couple hats and staffs and that’s it. Well, the game is $0.99, so I think is fair enough 🙂

And thanks again for everyone that is playing and enjoying the game!!


– André