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Vinebound: Bloom and Boom » New Single-Player Mode!

Hello everyone!

We have just updated the demo with the new Single-Player Mode!
Some players mentioned that they were having trouble playing alone and gave great feedbacks to help us improve the solo mode.
We took every of these feedbacks into consideration and made major changes to deliver a better experience for the Single-Player Mode and reach the same level of fun as the Co-Op Mode.

Here is what is different on the Solo Mode:

Give this mode a try and tell us what you think!

We also have made some other small changes, listed below:

  • Burst Amount of Banana Sword renamed to Multi Slash.
  • Increased camera field of view.
  • Balance Changes (Root of the Problem, Fertilizing Elixir, Cherry Mutant and Vinechain knockback).

We intend to keep updating the demo to give you the best experience as posible and we would love to keep receiving your feedbacks so we can create Vinebound together!

Best regards,
Vinebound Team