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Project Survivor » New Playable Character Updated!

Hi !!
A new playable character KUMIHO has been added.


The KUMIHO, a traditional Korean monster, is a fox with nine tails.
There is a story that it charms man with its Beautiful appearance and eats their liver.

About Skills

HEART – The KUMIHO charms enemies.
Enchanted enemies will betray and attack allies around him.

FOX FIRE – Summons foxfire around the KUMIHO and automatically attacks nearby enemies.
After a certain period of time, it is recharged and you can continue the battle comfortably.

FIRE FOX – Summons a pack of flaming foxes running forward.
When a fox encounters an enemy, it burns and inflicts damage to the enemy.
If you upgrade the skill, the fox count will increase and you can defeat enemies with AoE.


As explained above, KUMIHO is known to love liver.
When defeating a monster, there is a certain probability that a liver will be generated instead of a coin.
When you acquire a certain number of livers, you will awaken and the skills you have acquired will be strengthened.

HEART- Upgraded to AoE skills.
FOX FIRE – The charging time changes to 0.
FIRE FOX – Even if it encounters an enemy, it does not burn and continues to run.

** GamePad support added **