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TH3-M15 GUILD » New Patch for Demo!

Hello Mercenaries!

Thank you so much for playing our game! It means the world to us that actual people would try this game out!

This patch includes balances changes to all playable mercenaries and mobs due to overhauling how defense works including some bug fixes that were found ever since the release of this demo.

Purpose of Overhauling the DEF Stat:
There would be moments in the game where the player would deal 1 damage to an enemy because of their low ATK compared to a mob’s high DEF. We want to make sure that even dealing low damage is a viable option as it will lead to more interesting strategies.

Major Changes:

  • Defense Stat is now calculated as a percent instead of a flat amount.
  • All mobs have increased HP.
  • All mobs have decreased ATK due to DEF overhaul.
  • A Weapon, Muses’ Whisper, has lower damage.
  • An Overdriven Weapon, Kur’s Fang (which was call Tiamat before being overdriven), has increased damage.
  • BattleTOP has higher DEF & MVT SPD.
  • Karambit has lower ATK. Has higher HP & MVT SPD.
  • Old Man has slightly lower HP.
  • BattleTOP’s Overdriven Auto Attack has increased damage and can now inflict burn.
  • Karambit’s Overdriven Auto Attack has lower damage.
  • Burn Ailment ticks twice as fast.
  • Harder to achieve S-Ranks after completing the mission.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug when teleporting to the Server Room, the minimap does not update to display the correct location.
  • Fixed a bug where a player cannot reach a Care Package because it is in a place where the player cannot travel towards. When the Care Package is in this state, it will now slide towards the player until it is in reach for the player to get.
  • Fixed a bug where a SFX would constantly still play in the Care Package Menu.
  • Fixed a bug where a button on the Settings would still be able to be pressed when transitioning out of it.
  • Fixed a bug where the Help Button on Pause was still clickable even when on Settings.