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HellEscape » New mechanism: BRUTALITY ATTACK

I added a new powerup / mechanics : Brutality Attacks.
When you combo-kill enemies you get brutality points at a rate based on the combo size. When the combo breaks, these brutality points are spent on a special attack based on one of your class signature weapons. For example, the Knight will throw Fire Axes to all directions.

The Brutality Attack got up to 5 levels, charged by increasing brutality points.

In addition to these attacks I also made the SOUL boss a lot more interesting by giving it the same weapons you use! To defeat it you’ll need to pick skills that are useful in your hands, but not very useful when used against you..

All changes:
– Added ‘Marauder’ powerup + Brutality special attack mechanism.
– Added achievement: ‘Brutality’.
– Replaced ‘Lava River’ Pyro mission with Brutality mission.
– Made mission progress bar more clear.
– Added cool mechanics to the ‘SOUL’ boss – it will now gain whatever weapon your own hero learns!
– Made ‘Blessed Hammer’ be affected by player direction.
– Made ‘Balls of Steel’ shoot slightly less often.
– Slightly increased Chicken mount health.
– Changed daily challenges to give rewards based on the stage they are set in.