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Vampire Hunters » New Major Update coming next Tuesday, December 19th

Hello Hunters,

Vampire Hunters is all about wielding an absurd amount of weapons to destroy hordes of enemies in the most awesome way. So, there’s nothing better than a Major Update focusing on new weapons to celebrate the core of the game!

The Major Update will be live next Tuesday, December 19th!

We have added 15 new ridiculously awesome new weapons to the Survivors Mode! Check out the full list:
  • Death Ray.
  • Cursed Sword.
  • Phoenix.
  • Shield Generator.
  • Living Chainsaw.
  • Dragoon:

  • SAM Gun.
  • Pirate Cannon:

  • Killerfrost.
  • Elemental Pistol.
  • Lightbringer:

  • Catapult.
  • Statikola:

  • Pewgun.
  • Thunderstroke:

There was also a lot of polishing, bug fixing, and overall improvement to the Vampire killing experience:
  • Older weapons look more absurd!

  • New enemies’ death particles.
  • New camera shake.
  • Visual/Lighting improvements to the map.

  • Visual cooldown for the alternative shots.
  • Indication of weapons and relics progression in the level up screen.

And a lot, lot more!
Can’t wait to see you all jumping right into Vampire Hunters next Tuesday!

Have a nice hunt!