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ULTRAFUN » NEW: Leaderboards + Important Fixes!

That’s right. I’m not even close to being done. You all thought I’d just publish a game and walk away? Well you’d be wrong. I’m still here. Yes I took a 14 hour day today. Here’s what I got done.

  • A ‘Quit Game’ button. No more Alt+F4’ing for you. This fantastic invention is now attainable through all of a single keyboard stroke and one mouse click.
  • Leaderboards. You are now allowed – and even encouraged – to compete against your fellow gamers. That is, the other Day 2 fans who come to ULTRAFUN to test their Will & Skill.
  • Many minor fixes. This includes some glitchy buttons, reset save data not working, and the coin effects on the main menu showing up. You probably won’t notice any of these but I did. So I fixed them.

There’s still more coming, but I can’t tell you when… I need to lay down…