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New hero: Effy, the Ice Queen

Effy, the Ice Queen, ruled the frozen wastelands with an icy resolve. Her secret lover, Icicle, a nomadic frostwalker, veiled her face with a mysterious cape, a silent testament to their forbidden love, as they braved a world uncertain if their paths would ever intertwine again.

Has no red hearts.
Starts with 3 spirit hearts.
Your projectile frequently freezes close enemies based on your chance to freeze.
Enemies also get frost damage when they get frozen.

Improved dynamic spawn system

  • Completely reworked and polished the waves
  • Normal enemies now spawn dynamically based on how many you kill (More kills = more to kill)
  • Added a more swarmy behaviour to the enemy waves and spawns
  • Drastically improved the overall performance
  • Reworked bullet patterns of mages and added them as a modifier for Nightmare 2

Perk changes:

  • New perk: Distant Mirror. 50% chance to reflect enemy projectile while attacking. (Arcane)
  • Life leech now only applies to the first impact of the main frontal projectile
  • Increased the chance for Life leech to trigger from 0.5% to 2%
  • Removed the perk requirements for the perk Rampage
  • Removed the boss related mods from the books and activated them by default
  • Far Shot: Reduced projectile distance from 50% to 20%
  • Fuzzy Illusion: Reduced projectile distance from 25% to 10%
  • Moved Ignited Wounds to Book of Fire
  • Attractive: Reduced pickup range from 100% to 80%
  • Psychic: Reduced the enemy projectile slowdown from 50% to 25%
  • Pacifist: Increased the timer from 5 to 10 seconds
  • Daydreamer: Increased the timer from 5 to 10 seconds
  • Corrected the description of Daredevil from “below 50% hp” to “while on low life”

Ascended perks get unlocked by completing Nightmare 3 with different heroes. They will upgrade perks and add powerful modifiers:

  • Blades of Justice+ (Aric N3)
  • Elusive Grace+ (Kaito N3)
  • Mystic Volley+ (Icicle N3)
  • Ignited Wounds+ (Gundel N3)
  • Concentration+ (Ember N3)
  • Psychic+ (Misty N3)
  • Arctic Presence+ (Effy N3)

Other Unlocks:

  • Bloody Hands 1-3 (5% global projectile damage)


  • Companions now have their own damage type and modifier: Companion damage (Pink)
  • New companion: Buffy. Attracts butterflies.
  • New companion: Goblin Carrier. Opens chests for you. 50% chance to remove curses. 20% chance to die while doing so.
  • Cloudy is now more aggressive
  • Ice Orb now circles around the hero


  • Fixed a bug with Heat and Hotheaded not adding burn damage
  • Fixed a bug with Concentration not getting applied immediately after activating the perk
  • Fixed a bug with Concentration getting deactivated after getting a perk with attack speed
  • Corrected the arrow pointing towards the blue butterfly
  • Fixed a bug that caused butterflies to fly towards the map center
  • Reduced the move area of butterflies
  • Reduced the spawn range of butterflies from 14 to 10 units
  • Added Blue Butterfly. Activates XP buff + xp vacuum
  • Fixed the cursor again
  • The gamepad mode will now automatically toggle when you press a button on your gamepad
  • Fixed Gundels burn area. It applied 2 stacks of burn on first impact before, now it correctly applies 1 burn stack per second


  • Improved the visibility of the direction arrow
  • Companions now teleport to the player when they got left behind
  • Changed the visual indicator for butterfly buffs
  • Addes stats to the stat panel: burn chance, burn duration, frost damage, freeze chance, freeze duration
  • Stat panel now shows the current aoe modifier (including temporary from concentration)
  • Stat panel now shows the current attack speed (including temporary from concentration)
  • Added “Always crit bosses” to the item mods
  • Adjusted spawn rates in Krampus Night
  • Bosses can now still attack while being frozen
  • Polished the swarm effect of the Shadow Invasion
  • Polished the perk upgrade preview
  • Polished the UI for Unlockables and Achievements (Now with a scrollbar!)

New Achievements

  • Slayer 2-3
  • Entomologist: Touch a total of 300 bufferflies. Unlocks Buffy.
  • Pacifist: Survive 3 minutes without attacking once.

This update includes the latest hotfix 0.163:

  • Fixed a bug with Arics knockback paired with knockback damage that made the game crash
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let Zikk reach his full amount of chains
  • All heroes now start with the book of their damage type
  • Changed it so perk upgrades have a 30% chance to show in every slot instead of 100% in the middle slot
  • Rerolling perks now doesn’t show the same perks twice
  • Added a dedicated mode for gamepad so each mode can be better polished
  • Made it easier to navigate through the hero and companion selection with gamepad/Steamdeck
  • The game now automatically selects the last played hero
  • Removed unnecessary mods from the stat panel
  • Perk upgrades and perk synergies now show the perks that were required
  • The patch already includes a fraction of the achievements and unlocks that were scheduled for 0.17
  • Fixed a bug that made heroes deal no damage after using Mystic Volley+
  • Fixed a major performance leak