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Riddled Corpses » New game of DiabolicalMind XENON VALKYRIE!!!

Hi Steam Players, I am the creator of Riddled Corpses of Diabolical Mind, I present the new game that have been working for a long time with love and passion.

Vote greenlight and help Xenon Valkyrie go to steam!!

check for video and more images!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::::::::::::::::::::The Game::::::::::::::::::::::

Xenon Valkirie is a game with various mixtures of gender that makes it unique, we could talk about RPG, metroidvania, roquilike-lite, platforms and adventure . all this together is xenon valkyrie.

We are a valkyrie to fight for the elements in a future where humans evolved to infinity.

The game is a platform where we can equip with different weapons and abilities, can climb level and improve the statistics we want, the maps in this game can create random, so every time you die and start the game will be different, unlike other roguelike , we can improve the player and teleport a certain area, if you activate special teleporters.

In the game there are some stores that appear random by maps where we can buy weapons, potions or abilities to get you through the maps, all these elements will be lost at death .but will continue with cells (money here) and your level stats.

::::::::::::::::::::The music::::::::::::::::::::::

The game’s music is created by the same composer of Riddled Corpses, will listen precious chiptune melodies of high quality . this time will be many amazing and catchy melodies.
if you love riddled corpses music, you love Xenon Valkyrie music!!!


-Graphics pixel art professional.
-Smooth gameplay and accurately with 60 fps
-Procedurally generated levels and content (chests,shop,etc..)
-Elements of “Spelunky” and other roguelike games.
-Professional high quality music chiptune
-Add elements rpg / metroidvania with interesting history.
-Many weapons and items
-Developed for Windows, Mac and Linux
-The game have steam element, such as cards or steam cloud etc…
-NG+ and many hidden secrets!

———–The game is currently in development.————-

vote greenlight and help Xenon Valkyrie go to steam!!